Consulting Woodworker
Ralph W. Bagnall


Across the U.S. and the Caribbean



Ralph was instrumental in the successful launch of a new product line for our company. From the ideation phase to the final product, he knew where to guide us to meet our financial and production goals. We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for ways to either grow their business or make it more efficient. A great resource we continue to lean on.
— Patrick Lane, Mozaic

JFP acquired Ralph’s consultancy service more than a decade ago and this has been immensely beneficial as a result of major changes that were made based on his recommendations which would include improvements in the factory, addition of new production capabilities and allowing us to capitalize on the use of our CNC machine.
— Michelle Williams, JFP

We contracted Ralph to help us with our shop’s transition to a CNC environment. We purchased an old machine that was non brand name and had a personality of its own. Ralph has not only helped us to set the machine up but has also been a huge help in ongoing training, coaching and problem solving. We would not have survived this transition without him.
— Michael Vogt, California Closets Nashville

After viewing Ralph’s independent video that reviewed one of our products, Rockler contracted with him to produce more videos for us, and also to contribute to our blog on a semi-regular basis. He’s been a great asset, understanding just what we were looking for from a woodworking perspective as well as from a marketing perspective.

Ralph at Consulting Woodworker has done a great job of building our social media presence. He also provides assistance with our blog and newsletters, which allows us to have a unified persona that enhances our online store.
— R.J. Stroman,

Ralph’s passion for the business was a common bond and we have remained in contact for now over 10 years. He always works to increase his knowledge and therefore his customer’s knowledge to make them independent, not dependent. Based on past experiences Ralph would serve any shop well in his endeavors at assisting them.
— Ross Gobble, Onsrud Cutter Inc.

It takes an expert like Ralph to navigate thought the nuances of this channel and vital to get started off on the right foot. Thanks to Ralph we learned quickly the power of social media and how vital this is for any business today.
— Catherine Helshoj, Laguna Tools

Overall, our production line, time and efficiency has improved significantly since he has been working with us and we see it as one of the best moves that the company made.
— Metry Seaga, JFP

Ralph, Thank you for your series. It was the best information for the custom shop I have read in a long while. Keep up the good work.
— Stephan Waltman, Stiles Machinery