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Ralph Bagnall, the founder of Consulting Woodworker and host of Amazon Prime's Woodcademy, has been working in wood and plastics fabrication for nearly three decades. He began working with CNC machines in the wood shop back in the mid-1990s when G-code was still written by hand!

Ralph spent several years selling CNCs and other woodworking equipment, as well as installing machinery and training operators, during which time he developed a deep knowledge of the process involved with acquiring equipment and integrating it into an existing shop.

His career path has allowed him the rare privilege of visiting numerous shops and manufacturing facilities all over the U.S., where he has had the privilege to work alongside skilled and creative woodworkers making all sorts of products in a wide variety of ways. His experience has led him to apply his knowledge to helping woodworking companies work better, faster and more efficiently, all the while maintaining the superior quality inherent in their product.

In addition to physical plant consulting, Ralph and his wife, Susan, have assisted many clients to reach new audiences, build branding and drive sales through implementing a variety of marketing methods. Their extensive experience in the woodworking and marketing fields place them in the unique position of delivering relevant messaging that resonates with a woodworking audience.

For nearly two decades, Ralph has been writing woodworking articles for national magazines, and is a frequent speaker at prominent woodworking venues including the International Woodworking Fair (IWF), National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) Show, and The International Surfaces Exhibition (TISE). He recently premiered as the host of Woodcademy, a new project on Amazon Prime teaching tips, tricks and techniques that woodworkers of all skill levels can apply in their home shops.

Ralph and Susan are available anywhere in the U.S. and abroad. Currently located in Southwest Florida, Ralph regularly travels to points across the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean.




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Areas of Practice

physical consulting

We offer physical plant and operational consulting services to clients all over the US.  Lean manufacturing, equipment integration and employee training are all services Ralph offers to help you become more profitable. Visit our Physical Consulting page to find out more.

product demonstrations

If you need a qualified product demonstrator for your professional trade show or at woodworking shows, We are available to assist. See our Product Demonstrations page for more information about how we may be of service. 

Video production

We create video materials to support your online marketing efforts. Ralph also produces short product review and demonstration videos that your customers can click on to see products in action prior to buying, like the one for Rockler's Bench Cookies.


We provide a variety of marketing resources to your organization: email marketing, website content and design, blog posts, white papers and more. We also create written product descriptions and product demos, similar to the series Ralph wrote for Woodworker's Journal's More on the Web feature.

Speaking engagements

If you need qualified and engaging speakers for your professional trade show or a demonstrator to add content to woodworking shows, Ralph is available to assist. See our Speaking Engagements page for more information on how we may be of service. 

social media services

Everyone tells you you need to be actively involved in social media to promote your business. But do you know how and why social media can work for you? Do you have the time and knowledge to maximize their use? 


My experience with Consulting Woodworker has been excellent. Ralph is an expert woodworker and understands the business.
— Paul Akers, FastCap


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