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Ralph W. Bagnall

Physical plant Consulting

Expert consulting services for shops of all sizes

If you are looking to expand your business, branch out into new product lines or become more efficient and profitable, we can help.

We are not typical consultants. Ralph is a "hands-on" consultant with 30 years of shop experience under his belt. He prides himself on showing up dressed to work - he prefers to spend much of his time at your location on the shop floor working with your staff.

Contact us find out how companies such as Armstrong, South Georgia Cabinet, and JFP have profited by working with Consulting Woodworker.

Physical Plant Consulting Services

lean manufacturing

Ralph has been working with clients applying Lean Manufacturing techniques to woodworking shops for over 15 years. He recognizes that even custom shops can realize productivity, process control and profit advantages through applying lean techniques and adapting a culture of constant change and improvement.

Lean isn't complicated and doesn't require a lot of classroom training. Lean is all about simply asking "how can we do this better?" every day, on every job, then following through with tested solutions.

employee training

Ralph brings 30 years of shop experience with him when he works with you to help train your staff. He works alongside your people, sees what they are doing well and where there are gaps that need to be addressed, then teaches them how to improve quality and productivity where needed.

cnc integration & training

Adding a CNC machine to an existing business is a daunting task. Are you utilizing it to the best advantage? Are you getting the most of your tooling? From your programming software?

A CNC can and should become the central hub of your shop floor. With over 20 years experience as a CNC operator and instructor, Ralph can help you recover your investment more quickly.

jigs and fixtures

Ralph began his woodworking career as a Jig and Fixture maker. He knows that properly designed jigs and fixtures increase safety, allow less-skilled workers to perform skilled tasks, and improve quality and accuracy. Often, designing a site built jig or fixture can eliminate the need for buying new equipment. Ralph can help your staff to design and build needed jigs and fixtures and teach them the concepts of successful design so they can build their own in the future.

equipment purchasing

Buying new equipment for your shop is a big decision. You need to get the right equipment without spending money on a lot of bells and whistles that you'll never use. Ralph applies his experience as a former equipment salesperson to helping you research the right equipment and showing you how it will work within your shop to help begin realizing a return on your investment. He spends many hours a month researching and tracking what is available in the marketplace so that you can spend your time keeping track of your business.

product line start up

One of the primary advantages of smaller businesses is the ability to quickly and efficiently "shift gears" to meet a new need. If you are looking to produce a new product outside your normal line, we can help. We'll research the product line, specify equipment and materials, learn the processes if needed, and help you set up a new manufacturing line or adapt an existing one to get you up and running as soon as posssible.