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Ralph W. Bagnall

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Social Media Marketing is more than just having a Facebook page or a Twitter account. The world is becoming so deeply connected that ANY interaction you have with a customer should be treated as social media.

As useful as Facebook and Twitter are, they are useless if not kept up with on a daily basis, AND if their use does not drive traffic to your website. I use Facebook, Twitter, blogs and newsletters to cross-promote each other with the ultimate aim always being to bring customers to your website. Along the way I can improve your search engine rankings, your page views and even your sales.

I can manage your social media for you, or teach you the skills I have learned to run your own successful social media marketing program. Getting started is the hardest part, once your program reaches a certain point, there is enough interaction to make it easy to keep going. Many customers have hired me to build up their programs, then take them back in-house when they can be more easily maintained.

Contact me and find out how companies such as FastCap, Laguna Tools and MicroJig have benefitted from working with me.


Ralph was great at getting us started in the Social Media marketing forum.
— Catherine Helshoj, Laguna Tools

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Twitter is a great tool for announcing new products, sales, new content on your website or anything you want to let your customers know about in a timely fashion. The power of Twitter comes when you have interesting information that your "followers" (customers) want to tell their friends about. It is best used when a part of a larger Social Media strategy.


Facebook has become nearly universal, and virtually no company does not have customers who use it at least a few times a week. Facebook can be a very powerful connection to your customers where they can post comments, photos and even video of themselves using your products, things they have built using your products, or testimonials, all without you having to add this content to your website.


Video is one of the most powerful tools woodworking companies can take advantage of. This medium allows you to reach your audience to engage, influence, teach and more.